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Be gently lead through this seasonally appropriate nourishing program by Nutritionist Ngaire Jones and Sol Cleanse Founder Miriam ter Borg


- Learn simple wholefood recipes that deeply nourish

- Choose from a selection of recipes to suit your taste buds

- Eat a range of light yet satisfying meals (don't worry, you won't go hungry!)

- Experience how amazing eating "real" food makes you feel



Winter can be a challenging time for many of us to keep our healthy routines in check with the colder weather, comfort food cravings, shorter and colder days. BUT Winter can be a great time for health and healing. It's the time when the world slows down, and our bodies need nourishment, rest & repair. It's so important to honour the change in seasons and choose foods that offer us the most benefits during this time.

Hearty winter soups & broths are a great way to keep us warm and very well nourished. These will be the foundation of this program, learning the health benefits of stock & broth and how to make them from scratch. Having primarily soups & broths and keeping meals light is a great opportunity to give your digestive system a rest, as well as giving your body a big boost of nutrition.


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