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At Sol Cleanse we lovingly create premium cold pressed juice, hand crafted using fresh organic locally grown produce. 





(and why you can taste the difference)


- It is created from the freshest Organic produce from local farmers

You only get out what you put in right? At Sol Cleanse we use the freshest, organic ingredients to create a superior juice in quality, health benefits, and most importantly taste! Over the years we have developed fabulous relationships with local organic farmers, and literally get our produce straight from the farm - picked one day, juiced the next - you can't get fresher than that!


- It is cold-pressed

At Sol Cleanse we use a state of the art hydraulic cold press juicer to produce our juices. Cold-pressing produces the highest quality juice, allowing it to retain vital nutrients, giving greater health benefits plus a denser texture and a more vibrant taste.   


- It is raw, fresh and unpasteurised

Our juice is as nature intended it - raw and fresh! This means our juice has a short shelf life which is perfect because it means our juice is ALIVE - full of enzymes and giving you the best possible health giving boost.


- It is served in glass

Whilst this is the more expensive option for us, we care about the environment and we care about you ... so there is really only one choice - juice served in glass. Glass is far preferable for preserving the health benefits of the juice as it means no plastic leaching or contamination. It is also the more environmentally kind decision and combined with our recycling scheme with our cafes, we can sleep at night knowing we are caring for mother nature.  





Please note that the nutritional information below is intended as a guide. Because our fresh produce varies from day to day we have provided as accurate information as possible, but this data will fluctuate.