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You probably already recognise within yourself that it's time to cleanse.

It's a pretty clear indication when you're: 

- feeling sluggish, bloated or dull

- suffering from headaches

- craving coffee, sugar or other "bad habits"

- generally living an unhealthy lifestyle

- feeling out of sorts  

- needing a bit of a refresh

- wanting to create healthier habits and need a kickstart



If you answered YES to any of the above you are in the right place!


Still unsure if you need to cleanse? Try our quick Quiz to see:





Over and over our happy customers tell us after their Sol Cleanse juice cleanse they: 

-       Feel lighter and brighter

-       Feel refreshed and energised

-       Feel motivated and inspired

-       Experience weight loss - releasing stubborn kilos

-       Have improved mental clarity and reduced "brain fog"

-       Have clear, glowing skin and eyes

-       eliminated cravings and addictions and kicked bad habits

-       Have reduced bloating and improved digestion

-       Have a natural desire for healthy lifestyle choices 








-       Improvements in chronic disease

-       Improved immune system

-       Reduction of chronic pain & depression

-       Anti-aging

-       Reduced Cellulite

-       Reduced allergies

-       Improved digestive health and organ functioning

-       Balancing hormones









 It's simple ...



And your cleanse pack will be delivered to your door


(no mess, no hassle, no fuss!!) 




Your pack will include 6 liquid elixirs per day (which elixirs you receive will depend on the level you choose … there is something for everyone!).


Need help choosing what level to do?



You will also receive a range of support products to help the cleanse process, such as a organic herbal tea to support detox and weightloss, psyllium husks for cleansing the digestive tract, and probiotics for gut health. The juice and these support products will be all you consume during your cleanse. You will receive guidelines for how to take all these things as part of your cleanse pack.


When you place your order you will receive a welcome pack with suggestions on preparing for and getting the most out of your cleanse. During the cleanse you will receive support emails with tips and inspiration for a smooth and enjoyable cleanse experience. 






copy-of-clean-sweep.pngSol Cleanse Juice is created by cold pressing the freshest organic produce creating raw, live, nutrient dense elixirs. During your juice cleanse you will only consume these liquid elixirs for the length of your cleanse. 




- Your digestive system gets a deep rest. This means that your body can spend its energy on eliminating toxins, restoring and repairing, rather than digesting.

- Your body is flooded with a bountiful supply of rapidly absorbed nutrients to deeply nourish your cells  (nutrients in liquids are more easily assimilated). 

- You have a break from consuming foods that may contain toxins, giving your body a chance to catch up on eliminating existing toxins stored in the body.



Our bodies are wonderfully designed to cleanse and self-heal, but through the effects of lifestyle stressors (food, drink, chemicals in skin care, air pollution, stress …) we can get a build up of toxins stored in our bodies that results in feeling and operating sub-optimally. Luckily, with a little support from a juice cleanse we can eliminate these toxins and come back to an equilibrium - feeling fresh, energised and inspired. 


 Throughout history cultures have used periods of fasting for vibrant health, and more recently science demonstrates why. Just one example is from 2016 Nobel Prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi showing us how fasting stimulates the bodies natural self-cleansing mechanisms for great health. (read more here)




Over time, through avoidable and unavoidable lifestyle factors, the vast majority of us have built up toxins that are stored in our bodies. 


Our bodies are fabulous machines, but like our cars, sometimes they need an extra bit of love and attention. We have wonderful processes within our body to constantly cleanse and remove toxins, to maintain a level of balance and vibrant health… but what happens when we get out of balance, and put in more toxins than you can cope with?


When your body is creating or taking in more toxins than it can eliminate it starts storing them in your cells and fat tissues (think cellulite!), to keep them out of the way of your vital bodily functions. The more toxins you take in, the more they store up and if you don’t take the time to clear them out body function will diminish, and you can end up in a toxic state.


You, like most people in the modern world, may be familiar with some of the ways this can make you feel… tired, grumpy, low energy, unmotivated, bad skin, unhealthy hair, dull eyes, and just feeling a bit “blah”… sound familiar? Being in a constant toxic state can also contribute to more serious health problems such as cancer, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver dysfunction, autoimmune illness, hormonal imbalances, and skin conditions.


Your body is constantly exposed to toxins. Some of these toxins are created by normal and necessary metabolic processes within your body that creates waste as part of the manufacturing process. These are known as metabolic or endogenous toxins. The other toxins that we are exposed to are environmental or exogenous toxins, so toxins that came from outside our body. These include pollution and other chemicals in the air that we don’t have that much control over (unless we move to a pristine part of the country), and it also includes food, water and skin/beauty/health products that we certainly do have control over.


Your body is designed to constantly cleanse and remove toxins out of your body. Most toxins are broken down in your liver then eliminated via your kidneys, colon, skin, lungs, and mucus linings in your nose and ears, so basically every time you pee, poop, get a pimple, sweat,  blow your nose or on a more pleasant note, breathe.


During a period of juice cleansing you are not ingesting any additional toxins, and your body is not expending energy on digestion so more energy is given to detoxification and repair processes to get your body ship shape and back in balance.