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Since our inception is 2012, it has been our first and foremost mission to provide premium organic cold pressed juice to enhance people's health and wellbeing. Sol Cleanse began as a home-delivered juice cleanse service to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, but the demand for our delicious organic juice became so strong that we started selling Sol Cleanse through the top cafe's around the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. 


Throughout this journey there have been 4 main driving forces:

1. Producing nutrient dense organic elixirs and cleanse programs to make people feel fabulous.

2. Connecting people to real nutrition and organic produce - enabling them to become more in tune with their bodies and true nutritional needs, and hence more in tune with nature

3. Supporting the Organic Industry in Australia (and more specifically local Organic farmers) by spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on Organic produce, and raising the awareness of the importance of Organic food to allow the Organic Industry to grow - ultimately making Organic produce more available and accessibly priced for you.

4. Sustainability - the environment is incredibly important to us, and sustainability within our business guides all of our business decisions. All our practices are constantly reviewed and improved to achieve as minimal impact as possible.




Bringing you cleanses ... 

Miriam created Sol Cleanse from a passion for health and wellbeing in 2012, as the first cold pressed juice company in the region, and began delivering organic juice cleanses to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Miriam brings a long history of all things organic and holistic wellbeing from an "alternative" childhood full of organic produce, yoga, legumes and kombucha ... way before it was trendy! This love has evolved into creating Sol Cleanse.




Bringing you wholesale ...

Phil joined the Sol Cleanse family in 2014 to share juice cleanses to Byron Bay ... and bring juice to the people through cafes on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. You can thank him for having daily access to your favourite organic cold pressed juice at your local cafe! This charismatic, go getting lover of juice comes from a background of business and brings a passion for sustainable business practices, which has translated into some amazing initiatives in the Sol Cleanse juice temple.