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  • Improve digestion and Reduce bloating
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Beautify skin
  • Curb sugar and hunger cravings
  • Feel Lighter and Brighter


Be Light tea is an Organic Tea blend containing herbs specially selected for their qualities to assist in Weight loss and Detox. These healing herbs help:







Tea detox 

Product: Be Light Tea 28 Day Pack 
Posted By: lilly Shumack
Very satisfied 


Beautiful Tea 

Product: Be Light Tea 14 Day Pack 
Posted By: N/A
Thank you for a beautifully blended tea, it has been so cleansing! 


Tastes amazing! 

Product: Be Light Tea 
Posted By: Jess
I normally just drink green tea or black tea as I am not a fan of flavoured herbal tea, but I was quite surprised with the taste. It's really light and tastes delicious. Helps to relieve bloating a little bit too, especially at the end of the day or straight after a meal. Does make you feel lighter :) 


Lovely tea to relieve bloating 

Product: Be Light Tea 
Posted By: Nicky
Love this tea, have used a similar product before switching to be light. Found it especially good with bloating (especially when those hormones are going crazy) also came with a pretty little heart strainer which was a lovely surprise! 


Lovely light tea 

Product: Be Light Tea 
Posted By: N/A
Lovely light tea, I used it just as a drinking tea day and or night when I am feeling bloated (and sometimes when not!)not necessarily for weight loss. I definitely feel lighter when I have been drinking it regularly.