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This is our most gentle and nurturing cleanse – a perfect place to get started for the newbie cleanser.

This cleanse is great for people who realise their diet could be cleaner and need a kickstart to make some changes. It also has a bit more “substance” - including organic cold-pressed juice, nutmilks, green smoothies and dahl - so will suit people who may be busy or feeling a bit nervous about trying a juice cleanse. 




This is a cleanse for the more adventurous cleanser – someone who may have tried a level 1 cleanse already and is ready for a new challenge, or someone who is already living a relatively “clean” lifestyle and is ready to step it up a notch!

Including organic cold pressed juice, nutmilks and green smoothies this is an excellent cleanse to kick bad habits to the curb and super charge your mind, body and spirit. 




This cleanse is a real game-changer, this cleanse is a juice only cleanse - jam packed with nutrient dense delicious organic cold-pressed juice.

It is designed for people who want to get powerful results – who have had experience with cleansing before and have an idea of what to expect. It is most suitable for people who already live a relatively healthy lifestyle and can take time to rest during the cleanse if needed. 




We have developed this cleanse especially for our active cleansers. This cleanse is for people who lead physically active lifestyles and want to do the best thing for their bodies without compromising on energy and performance. It includes a high quality clean vegan protein powder and nourishing protein and mineral rich nut milk smoothies to replenish and repair the body after exercise whilst maintaining boundless energy, as well as our signature cold pressed juice.




This cleanse is deep and intense. We designed this cleanse especially for people who are looking to eliminate all sugars from their diet, or who are familiar with cleansing and want to take it to the next level. This cleanse is completely fructose free - the only fruit used is lemons, and the only sweetness is stevia, a natural herb that imparts a sweet taste without actually being a sugar.

The Broths + Greens cleanse focuses on the alkalising and detoxing benefits of leafy greens, and the nourishing qualities of vegan broths and miso soup. 



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