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We have put together a program to help you prepare for your cleanse that will be sent to your inbox as soon as you purchase your cleanse.

Preparing your body (and mind!) for your cleanse will help your juice cleanse to be as easy as possible and give you the most profound results.

Here are some key points for you to consider:

- Clean up your diet (see table below for some ideas)

- Reduce the caffeine - this is a biggie as one of the most common "discomforts" that people experience when they are cleansing are headaches from caffeine withdrawals. 

- Make sure you are well hydrated to support elimination of toxins

- Start increasing your nutrition by stepping up your intake of nutrient dense foods such as green smoothies, fresh cold pressed juice, raw salads and fresh fruit. Lots of fresh produce (especially greens) will help start your gentle detoxification. You may like to also consider super foods such as spirulina or chlorella.

- You might like to try out replacing one meal a day with a liquid meal such as a green smoothie, broth, dahl or veggie soup leading into your cleanse so your body gets familiar with this. Alternatively you may just like to eat a bit lighter than usual. 

- You might also like to just eat raw food for one or two days leading into and out of your cleanse.

- Prepare your detoxification organs and elimination pathways. Here's some ideas - start dry brushing your skin, use a natural body scrub (see here), drink herbal teas that support your liver and kidneys (see here), start the day with warm water and lemon or apple cider vinegar, do yoga or exercise in a way you enjoy.

- Plan for your cleanse. You will get lots of tips with your pre-cleanse program, but you might like to think about what you will need while you are cleansing to have the best possible experience. You might like to consider clearing your schedule of social events; booking in massages, yoga classes and other supportive treatments; and try and lighten your work load if possible. 






When you receive your cleanse pack of delicious elixirs you will receive a comprehensive cleanse program to follow. We have also put together a range of products to support your cleanse process that we recommend using during your cleanse for the best possible results. This includes your complimentary goodies that you will receive with your cleanse, as well as our Sol Skinfood detox range which will enhance your cleansing process. 

See them here

More tips for while you are cleansing:

- Drink plenty of water
- Drink herbal tea to help with the detoxification and curb hunger (you will receive a complimentary sample pack of our organic Be Light Tea with your cleanse pack)
- Move your body - go for a walk, play in the waves, or run it out. Exercises causes you to sweat which helps to rid the body of even more toxins. It also releases endorphins which make you happy! 

- Do yoga, as well as the above benefits it also supports your detoxification organs.

- Treat yourself to a massage. A massage has so many health benefits and it’s a wonderful way to really let go and nourish yourself. 
- Journal. Writing in a journal is a great way to connect with yourself and to have peace of mind. You can write about anything. Hopes, dreams, what you want to let go of, just put the pen on the paper and see what happens.
- Have a sauna or soak in a bath with magnesium bath salts (get yours here) to support toxin elimination, relieve sore muscles and relax and replenish. 

- Dry brush or body scrub (get yours here). Exfoliating your skin is an excellent way to get rid of dead skin cells and cleanse your skin. Give yourself that beautiful healthy glow. 

- Rest. rest. rest. This is a time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Get extra sleep. It is during sleep that your body gets to work cleansing and repairing.

- Be inspired. Not having to cook or clean leaves a lot of extra free time. Use this time to really reconnect with your mind, body and spirit. Read a book, spend time in nature, laugh with friends, get creative, make a vision board. Whatever inspires you, uplifts your spirit and makes your heart sing spend time doing it! 

- Try meditation. It is a great practice to be still and be present. It quiets the mind and brings peace and harmony into your life. Explore breath work practise as a wonderful accompaniment to your cleanse. 

- How else can you cleanse your life? You might find that you are naturally drawn to cleaning out your cupboards or reducing clutter in your homespace. You might also do a bit of an audit about how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, where you focus your attention, what thoughts are no longer serving you ... and so on!


This is possibly the hardest and most important part of your cleanse ... where the magic really happens. If you can come out of your cleanse mindfully you will continue to experience the amazing benefits.

When you finish your cleanse you will find that you are naturally drawn to more healthful foods, and your cravings for less healthful foods will be vastly reduced, so you are in a fantastic position to create lasting changes to your lifestyle and health. 

Some ideas for post-cleanse

- Come out of your cleanse in a similar way as we advise you go into your cleanse, with a few days (or as many as possible!) eating really clean, following the things to avoid/replace with table, eat lots of raw fruit and veges, try to eat light etc.

- Take some time to plan coming off your cleanse on the last day of your cleanse, while you are feeling inspired! Plan out your menu for the next few days (or even week). 

- Be really conscious of how you are feeling in relation to the food you are eating as you add more and more food back into your diet. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally, your energy levels, and how you feel in your body an hour or two after eating. 

- Also plan for and implement any other lifestyle changes you felt inspired to do while you were cleansing. The sooner you establish new habits the better!

- Over time if you feel yourself slipping into bad habits come back to how good you felt on your cleanse and schedule in time for another full juice cleanse, or a period of time eating clean or something similar that brings you back into balance.