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6 tips to make your cleanse a walk in the park

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I’ve done quite a repertoire of Sol Cleanses, and have to say the current cleanse I am doing (the Winter Warmer Cleanse) is the EASIEST yet! … Actually unbelievably so - it’s kind of shocking me as I’ve found cleanses super hard in the past. So, I thought I would sit down and put together what I have done this time that is different from the past that has made this process such a breeze.Hopefully these tips will make your cleanse at least manageable - if not easy - too!

1. Choose the right cleanse

The cleanse process is meant to be a gentle challenge not an impossible struggle, so choose a level and length of cleanse that is appropriate for you and your individual body/mind’s requirements. Things to think about include your experience with cleansing, your lifestyle in terms of how active/busy you are, and how healthy you have been living for the past while.

2. Choose the right timing for you

Hint – choose a time to cleanse when you have NOTHING on in your social calendar. Also make sure you choose a time that you can take it a little easier than usual if needed. You may need extra rest, both physically and mentally so try to cleanse at a time where you are able to take things a little slower than usual if necessary. It’s not a great time to be doing highly physical activity, going for that amazing new job, having an important meeting or pushing a deadline. As well as making it easier, you will also get more out of your cleanse if you are able to take time to relax!

3. Rope in your partner or housemates to cleanse with you

There’s nothing harder than sipping on juice when the people you share a house with are cooking up a storm! If you can’t convince them that cleansing is an amazing idea, make plans to go for a walk when they are preparing and eating dinner, take your juice with you out in nature and have a special “meal” without temptation! It’s also more fun to share the experience with the people close to you and can be a strong bonding experience.

4. Prepare for your cleanse

- Clear out the cupboards, you really don’t need those tim tams, chocolate, chips, or (fill the gap with your favorite snack) peeping out at you when you are trying to cleanse.

- Start cutting out coffee leading into your cleanse. The caffeine headache can be a real killer for coffee drinkers when they stop cold turkey during their cleanse, so try to cut back leading into your cleanse.

- Start cleaning up your diet leading into your cleanse. This will make your juice cleanse easier, and it will also help you get the most out of the whole process. Think lots of fresh fruit and veges, seeds and nuts, wholegrains (no white bread/pasta/cakes), avoid processed sugar, try to consume white meats only (or no meat at all) and limit your consumption of dairy products

5. Plan your days while cleansing

- Follow the schedule that you are provided with to make sure you always have something to be doing or looking forward to and don’t drink all your juices before lunch time!

- Keep yourself “gently busy” so that you have things to do that aren’t too strenuous or stressful but keep you occupied so you don’t slip into boredom food cravings

- Schedule in down time, keeping in mind that it helps to be “gently busy”, so you might schedule in a yoga class, journaling time, massage, or time for meditation in a way that you are getting deep relaxation but are staying focused so you don’t drift into “what shall I do now … maybe I should eat something” mode.

6. Drink lots of water, warm lemon water and herbal tea

For a start it’s important to stay hydrated to help eliminate toxins, but the other benefit of this little trick is that it helps keep you feeling full! The Be Light Tea you get with your cleanse will also help with appetite suppression to help stave off those hunger feelings. Having psyllium husks (provided in your cleanse) in the evening before bed can also help give a nice full feeling to help you sleep.

Know any other nifty tricks for making your cleanse a breeze? Leave a comment below and share your wisdom!