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A Naturopath's Perspective on Cleansing

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Ever wondered what a Naturopath would think about a juice cleanse? Well, luck for Sol Cleanse, we had the gorgeous, talented, holistic babe and Naturopath - Kate Dalton of Mayde Tea, recently completed a 3 day level 1 Sol Cleanse with us. We caught up with her to talk business, tea and her clarifying cleanse experience.. 

Can you tell us a little about Mayde Tea and where it all started?

Mayde Tea is an organic herbal tea business. I created it (almost) three years ago while I was studying Naturopathy and Nutrition in Sydney. I actually had never planned on starting a business- but I started making herbal teas for myself at home just as a hobby and to ease some digestive and nervous system symptoms I was experiencing at the time. I really wanted to share what I found, being the magic of herbal medicines by using them as gently as this. Just by steeping natural organic herbs into boiling water to extract their therapeutic constituents and drinking this throughout the day, I had, and continue to have such incredible results. So, I created all of my blends around common ailments people suffer from daily such as bloating and other digestive upset, insomnia, sweet cravings and low immunity

What has been your biggest obstacle and triumph in developing your business?

The first year was pretty tough. I didn’t come from a ‘business’ background. I knew really well how to create tea blends using naturopathic philosophy, and the rest I had to spend hours researching. I didn’t know much about marketing, accounts, and even the simple things like business insurance and other legal aspects of running a business.

What does a day in the life of Kate look like?

I wake really early (Im a bit of a grandma and go to bed at 9pm). I have a digest tea, then practice yoga at Creature Yoga in Byron Bay. I then come home to a very excited dog and take her for a walk on the beach which i’m so lucky to live one block away from. I get in the ocean at least daily. I then cook up a big breakfast of eggs, spinach and avo and a big pot of almond milk chai. I spend all day at my office, making sure I take swim/walk/snack breaks about every 2 hours. It’s impossible to explain exactly what I do in a day, it changes every day which is why I love so much what I do. It involves lots of emails, tea blending, packing and visiting my favourite cafes to deliver their orders.

As a naturopath, you obviously know a thing or two when it comes to cleansing and health in general. What draws you to do an organic juice cleanse?

I usually do a cleanse of some sort every season. Sometimes it’s as simple as cutting out chocolate for 2 weeks if I don’t feel like I need a deep cleanse. Other times i’ll do a deeper cleanse like SOL cleanse. I love the lightness I feel, and especially the mindfulness around food I develop in those three days. I feel like the fog has been cleared from my head and mental clarity is at 100%, ready to start the new season with clear intentions and feeling grounded.

Anything unexpected pop up during your cleanse?

Not really, the first day I was in clinic which happened to be a really busy day! I think I did too much for day one of a cleanse. My body wanted to relax and start to adapt to the changes. This is totally expected though, I think it is just something I need to be mindful of next time, that if I’m choosing to do a deeper cleanse to have the opportunity to relax and listen to my body and what it needs.


Number one on the bucket list?  

Travel to India and wildcraft the beautiful medicinal herbs that are growing there- which I will be ticking off in December, along with then using the herbs to volunteer as a naturopath for a couple of weeks. So excited about this opportunity!

Favourite song right now?  

Blue Foundation- Eyes on fire

Favourite beach on planet earth?

Hyams Beach down on the South Coast.

Well, thats a wrap! You can find more of Kate being an extraordinary human at  @maydetea and www.maydetea.com

Love, Miriam xoxo