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Nicole Joy's 3 Day Sol Cleanse

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The radiant Nicole Joy recently completed a level 1, 3 day juice cleanse with us and her husband joined in on the fun. Being the open hearted sharing kind of woman that she is, she wrote about her experience on her blog. She's got that kind of no BS wisdom that we're all about, so we couldn't help but share her words with you..

After a fabulous holiday in Bali, I knew I needed to hit the rest button in a big way. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl (which I know is not always a good thing!) and sometimes I can't do bitsy. I need to get throw myself in the deep end and give myself no other option.

So I decided not to eat for three days...

Okay, so let me be more specific. I didn't eat solid food for three days, but I filled my body up with the highest quality, organic, cold-pressed juiced getting around. I did a Sol Cleanse juice fast.


Juice fasting, when done correctly, cleanses the bowel and the kidneys, gives the digestion a break, and kickstarts the liver faster than other types of detoxes. It also delivers an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals to the body for rapid absorption.

Having done a 2 day juice only cleanse (and having survived it!) about one month ago, I was feeling fairly confident going into the 3 day Level 1 cleanse as it included a nut mylk (absolutely delish!) and the MOST incredible dahl I have EVER tasted! I knew it would be a little easier as I would be feeling more satisfied.

When I did the juice only cleanse I felt very weak and light headed, so much so by the end of the first day I didn't think I could do it! However with this level 1 cleanse I didn't feel that bad at all. I actually felt amazing most of the time. I had a little headache in the afternoon of day 1 and had the opportunity to have a nanna nap which was awesome! I did add a vegan protein powder to my nut mylk and also added in one organic miso soup throughtout the day - which helped! Note: I don't drink coffee, or have a lot of sugar in my diet so that may be why my detox symptoms weren't so severe!

My husband also did the cleanse with me (can you believe it!?) and he struggled a bit more than me having drunk at least 2 coffees a day for the past however many years and whose diet isn't as clean as mine. He was a bit of a grump on the second night and the last morning to be honest and I am surprised he stuck it through!

I couldn't believe my energy levels for only having a liquid only diet for 3 days, I feltl like I could have gone the entire week! It just goes to show that high quality nutrition (that doesn't have to be in the form of big meals) is vital to our overall healthy + vitality. These juices are incredibly delicious and seeing that I was doing a cleanse I really wanted it to be organic and cold pressed - you may as well if you're spending the money right??

I really do feel incredible and would highly recommend this cleanse. The girls are wonderful and the daily emails are incredibly helpful!

You can discover more of Nicole through her websiteInstagramYouTube and Facebook