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belinda-s.pngBelinda Survilla

"Going into the cleanse I was feeling a little depleted energetically due to running a busy small business and looking after my family. I was excited to try the cleanse to see if this could shift. Let me just say the juices are delicious, I especially like the beet juice! I chose the level one as I wanted to have the dahl for dinner and I am so glad I did. It was nourishing and kept me satiated.

On day 2 I did receive the detox headache but by day 3 it had lifted and I felt light and have continued to feel light and headache free since then. I have definitely felt my energy return and I’m feeling more balanced physically and emotionally since completing my cleanse with Sol Cleanse. I’m really looking forward to adding regular fasts to my health regime." 



Tess Calder

"I did the active cleanse for 3 days. 

What I notice the most throughout this cleanse was how many times I would reach for unnecessary snacks while at work. Or how many times I thought I was REALLY hungry but just needed a glass of water to push me through. This will help me to mindfully eat from now on which I think is truly important. I realised how many foods I was eating without really appreciated it. 

I loved this cleanse and will definitely be doing it again! Thanks friends." 



Liz Milnes 

Winter warmer

"I really enjoyed the juices and loved the Dahl and nut milk. It felt really nourishing. I felt far more tired than I expected to but took time off to rest and finished day 3 with a treat at Greenhouse Bathhouse which was perfect.i think my body really needed both detox and rest. Today I feel really rested and a couple of kilos lighter. I'll miss the fresh flavours and the simplicity of juice cleanse.Thank you I think this will be my regular winter spring clean."



Krystal Sayer

"I have done many Sol Cleanses in the past, and really admire the beautiful work that Miriam and her team do.  The juices are beautifully nourishing, the packaging is environmentally conscious, and the little extras are incredibly thoughtful.  Being a Vata dosha, I've always avoided cleansing through winter.  The Winter Warmer was beautiful - the vegan broth and the dahl helped me to fight off the cold.  Being very active (I teach yoga) I did struggle a little bit, but Miriam was really supportive and encouraged me to add in a small piece of fruit to get through my day.  Thanks for all of your support Sol Cleanse!"


lauren-nash.pngLauren Nash

"This was my first ever cleanse and i was as excited as i was nervous to do it! I am usually one to eat a meal over drink, so I knew that three days of no solid food (or coffee) would be tough. It is obvious the amount of love that goes into the delivery and packaging of the juices, having it all there ready to go with my plan of attack made it less stressful and exciting!

The taste and quality of all 6 juices were amazing, I didn't feel like I was missing out or starving myself as the drinks were so nourishing. (If i had to choose) my favorite flavours would be strength, joy and wisdom!

There were a few times during the cleanse when i felt lethargic, tired and a little irritable but was kind to myself and allowed my body to feel that way. I didn't suffer any headaches or withdrawals, however night 2 was a struggle and i felt quite light headed and sick. Overall i felt amazing during and after the cleanse, you cant put into words the feeling of lightness! My aim was not weight loss but i lost 2kgs after day three!

Post cleanse i felt amazing from the inside out! I had a healthy diet before but am now more open to eliminating/ reducing gluten and animal products and am loving the effects!  The cleanse definitely made me realise what real hunger is and how much i over eat... Have recommended this cleanse to so many of my friends and will definitely be doing it again in the coming months, thank you Sol Cleanse!"



Brooke Lee

"I loved the Sol Cleanse 3-day juice cleanse! The juices were delicious and the convenience of having them pre-made and delivered to my door saved me so much time and effort compared to doing it all myself. I never felt like I was going without and each day I noticed my energy increasing, and my clarity of mind and mental focus improving. My digestive system also felt wonderful after taking a bit of a break. Juice cleansing is such a great way to get a substantial amount of natural nutrients into the body, and this is so important because a lot of people don't realise that most supplemental vitamins are man made and synthetic. I would definitely recommend Sol Cleanse to anyone interested in doing a juice cleanse, I very much enjoyed the whole process."



Rachel Butler

“I was really looking forward to trying the new broth & greens cleanse from Solcleanse. After having done two previous cleanses with Solcleanse before, I was interested to take it to the next level and really challenge myself. Being someone who enjoys both detoxifying green juices and fruity juices, I was a little worried how I would respond with a fructose-free & broth cleanse. By the morning of day 2, I did feel a little cloudy/lethargic (all normal symptoms from my previous cleanses) however by the end of the day, I felt light, clear and didn’t have the cravings I initially did. By day 3 I knew this cleanse was totally worth it. Having had some issues with my skin lately, I loved how amazing and fresh it looked by the end of the cleanse. I also loved that I could gently warm up the broths at night, which was perfect for me as I feel so much better having something warm and comforting in my tummy at night. I felt this cleanse was powerful, deep and intense. After a cleanse (and particularly this one) I always feel really motivated, am more in tune with my body and conscious of what I put in it. 

Thank you Solcleanse for another amazing cleanse, I look forward to my next one!’



Claire O'Hara

Level 1 3 day cleanse

"This was my first ever juice cleanse and despite the headache of epic proportions that lasted almost 3 days I would do it all again in a heartbeat! 

 Unfortunately I didn't follow the advice to ease into the cleanse but I wish I had. I must say that I had the most awful headache bordering on migraine from the afternoon of day 1 through till the afternoon of day 3. However I didn't quit or take painkillers but persevered to ensure that I got the maximum benefit from the cleanse.

 I wasn't hungry once, I LOVED LOVED LOVED every one of the juices. I am not a huge green juice fan normally but every single one was delicious. Strength is my favourite. I also loved the wake up kick from the Energise drink each morning.

 After the three days my insides feel clean, my bloating has reduced but most of all my eyes are shiny bright white! I look and feel clean and healthy. After suffering breast cancer last year and having gone through 2 major surgeries I wanted something to kickstart my rebuilding of my health and strength. I couldn't think of a better way to have done this and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to give this a go."



Laura Trott

"I feel lighter, energized and more at home in my own body after my 3 day cleanse. Where I expected to be tired, hungry or the ever present emotion in my life of hangry! I experienced none of these things and invited in the oppostie sensations, satisfied, alive and happy, in fact this one one of the easiest cleanses I have done. I am considering purchasing a lifetime supply of the nutmilk - because... YUM! thank you for my revived energy for the weekend ahead. Much Love Laura x"


Kylie Barker

"I took on this cleanse in an attempt to help clear up some digestive issues/candida that was impacting my skin, sleep, cravings and "puffiness" and I can with confidence say that the cleanse has improved all of those things. My skin is glowing, my whole body feels lighter and leaner and clothes are fitting better, I haven't been waking up numerous times throughout the night and I have no cravings for coffee, carbs or sugar! I also find myself a lot calmer and feel like this has certainly put me on the path for vibrant health.  The juices and broths tasted great and were satisfying, and the support from the yoga and tea also helped. Thank you so much!"



Ellie and Janice Bone

E: For me a juice cleanse is the best feeling in the world both physically and mentally and anybody who knows me knows I thrive off anything that involve discipline.  If you haven't yet been on the juice wagon I suggest you jump on and experience it for yourself...there will be no regrets had and that post cleanse feeling is pure magic. 

J: I am 54 years young and have not completed a proper cleanse before (had tried twice and got sick) and it was no where near as hard as my previous experiences. I stopped going to the gym whilst on the cleanse and did light exercise..walking on the beach, breathing on the fresh air, no shoes on our feet freezing cold at 530am in the morning in the name of what El calls 'earthing'. Magic to spend these predacious hours with her laughing, singing, dancing. In a while I am so grateful towards Sol cleanse and El for introducing me to cleansing, the real and right way. I so enjoyed the 3 days and it gave me a whole new mind reset to love and listen to my body inside and out. I felt amazing after the cleanse and so at peace. My thoughts daily are much more mindful, it has given me a sense of calm and I would absolutely recommend it...in fact I'm looking forward to the next! 


 Anita Baldry

"Just finished the level one, three day cleanse and absolutely loved it!!! I lost two kilos of no longer needed baby weight (Mahala is 20months), it helped to kick the sugar cravings and havnt craved anything sweet apart from fruit, made me feel so much clearer and lighter and was overall a great experience and reset for my body."


katie-s.pngKatie Schablon (360 Degrees Holistic Health Studio)

Level 1 - 5 day 

"My husband and I decided we needed to do a cleanse! We wanted to give back to ourselves and our bodies as we had lost our way a little in the self care department since having a young family and both running a business. We embarked on the Level 1 Cleanse - for 5 days. It wasn't easy! And there were lots of pep talks to each other to keep us on track. But it was very rewarding. By the end of the cleanse we noticed our energy had increased, our digestion felt amazing and we factored in some easier more restful days during the cleanse - so we felt very rejuvenated. The Sol Cleanse juices/nut milks/dahl were delicious and the bonus be light tea was our saviour on the cooler days/nights. Thank you so much to Miriam and the Sol Cleanse team for offering such an amazing product and for the most professional, thorough and efficient service. Us Gold Coasters are lucky to have you xx"


Nicole Tayman

"I completed the three day level 1 cleanse.

I was nervous at first but I was very happy with the results. It really did help to clear out all the nasty toxins from my body. It was the first time in a long time that my stomach didn't have the bloated look or feel. I surprised myself in that I didn't need any cheat moments and didn't feel hungry either. It was a great experience and I would recommend it."

Zac McHardy

"I started the cleanse with an open mind as you read so much about them (good and bad) for me it wasn’t about weight loss it was about giving my body a rest.

By day 2 my partner could see the difference in my face. I normaly have red marks around my eyes but they were gone. Day 3 completed and was done much easier than I thought I really didn’t want food. Day after it is all complete I am full of energy which is the reason why I did this. I wanted to give the body a rest and really bounce back and well its happened. Nice work guys."

Emma-Leigh Townend

"My name is Emma-Leigh, I completed my 3 day level 1 Sol Cleanse on Sunday and I feel so much better for it. It really has kickstarted me back into clean eating for the new year.

I felt horrible and bloated after the holidays, not to mention my skin really showed how badly I had been eating. I’ve suffered from adult acne since I turned 21 and I found by day 3 bumps that had been on my face for months had disappeared.
I didn’t find it too hard to stick to the cleanse, the outcome of the 3 days was enough to motivate me. Since coming off it, I’ve enjoyed a lot of raw veggies and even want to start making my own daily juices to keep it up!
The cleanse definitely inspired me to look after myself and what I put into my body! I will be back in the future to try the second level cleanse."


Lorna Jane Clarkson

"My body responded super well to the cleanse! I felt AMAZING. My energy levels were up and I actually felt even better than I did when I was on holidays and eating everything! My stomach felt flatter after only the first day but the most surprising thing was I couldn’t believe how little I actually missed food – I can honestly say I never really felt hungry because there was always a juice to reach for! When the cleanse officially finished on Thursday I wanted to continue to ease off it slowly, so from Friday-Sunday I went back to my vegan diet of two juices, two soups and two salads. My appetite was SO much smaller than it usually is so they were very small portion sizes, but I have to admit, I did enjoy chewing again!

Overall, I got exactly the result I was looking for! Before my cleanse I was looking for something sweet everyday, you couldn’t stop my spoon reaching for the peanut butter jar. But now, I can go a couple of days where I will completely skip dessert and not even miss it! My temptations are gone, just in time for the Christmas celebrations which is good news for my best bikini body self! The only person who seemed to suffer was my poor husband Bill who had to cook his own meals so I wouldn’t be tempted to sneak a little taste like I usually do!"

Read more here


Carly Chivers

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the 'lighten up' 3 day cleanse. It was amazing, not only was it lovely to have this delivered to my front door, but also in the cutest little jars with tea, a cool stainless straw and cute tea diffuser. Every juice was delicious and filling, the dahl jar at the end of the day was a joy and warming to the tum tum. I felt great after the 3 days and will definitely do this again soon."

Thank you for spoiling me!

Beach Body Eco Spray


Katherine Beresford

'I absolutely loved my experience during my three day juice cleanse with SolCleanse! While not eating was always going to be a struggle, the delicious and organic SolCleanse juices made the experience a whole lot easier than expected! I personally love the low sugar characteristics of the juices from the fact that they are mostly comprised of vegetables and most importantly, those very nutritious greens! Post cleanse I am feeling incredibly grateful for the experience as I am so much more in tune with my body and its needs. Not once have I over eaten or over indulged, even if those indulgences we're going to be healthy raw desserts - I just haven't felt the need for it! My new relationship with food and portion sizes is something I couldn't be happier about and with perfect timing for the new year! I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to kick start their health and their year, it's never too late!'



Rachel MacDonald

"From Friday to Sunday I embarked on 3-day Sol Cleanse juice cleanse… and guess what? It was delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed it. (yep, I did just say ‘cleanse’ ‘delicious’ and ‘enjoyed’).
I’ve done a bunch of cleanses before and the juices on this one tasted the best by a country mile. I love green juices anyway but the green juice on this cleanse actually tasted like a banana smoothie (yum) and the lemon and cayenne pepper was an awesome digestion kickstarter. I can’t fault any of the juices in fact, and normally there’s one or two in the bunch that make you go hrmmmm (or more accurately, ‘ugh’).
While I got all the usual benefits from cleansing my body for a few days – better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin and brighter eyes – the biggest bonus for me was the clarity. At the same time as I was cleansing, I was undertaking a “Power Weekend” where I was churning through a massive stack of work, and not only did I have the energy to do super long days on the computer, but it paved the way for a plethora of creative ideas to bubble up from the recesses of my mind. Win, win, win."



Nicky Judd

"Well lve just completed my 3day cleanse on level 2 and l feel amazing . My name is Nicky Judd
And l wanted to say a big thank you not once did l feel this was a mistake lm so happy l order this cleanse . Not only have l got my kick back to my heathly eating again but my husband said to me this morning you are just glowing babe you are so happy . Not only do l feel fantastic less bloated but the scales also are a little less as well so that was a bonus"


Lisa Fitzpatrick

"This was one of the best things I've ever done for my well-being. To have the juices hand delivered to my front door was such a treat and an unbeatable support going into my cleanse. You put so much love and care into my package that I felt supported every step of the way. The cleanse was such amazing value and the juices were so delicious and nourishing, it took all the hard work out of things so that I could enjoy the process. I feel a million dollars coming out of my 3 days and will definitely be back for more. Thanks so much for the difference you make."



Rayne Thompson

"I cannot speak highly enough about the entire sol cleanse experience. The girls go out of their way to make every part of the cleanse an amazing experience, from prompt and efficient delivery, flexible options, daily inspiration, and tea to help get you through the day, I love every cleanse I do with them, and I haven’t even spoken about the juice!! I did level two this time which was different as I am usually a level three girl, but I have been doing more exercise and wanted to ensure I had enough energy. The smoothies and nutmilks gave me the extra kick I needed! I first met the Sol Cleanse girls when I went on the most amazing yoga and juice cleanse retreat with them, and they are just the most beautiful souls! I can really feel the love and passion the girls put into their juices, and I’m so lucky to have found them! I would recommend anyone to try and juice cleanse with these ladies, as they supplement the experience with support, love and guidance"


Kate Brodie

"I have tried a couple of different cleanses with these guys and each one is wonderful. It isn't easy - the headaches and detox did knock me around (but that's how you know it's working) and I came out feeling like a million bucks. My mind was clear and my ideas flowed, feeling lighter and fresher than I had in ages - plus I didn't even have a hankering for my usual daily caffeine kick which is really nice.

The integrity of this product is what really shines through for me- the organic and cold pressed juices were delicious, yummy and fuss free. The freedom from cooking and preparing food is also a wonderful bonus. If you are thinking about doing it you won't look back once you start."



Ebbony Turner

"Hi my name is Ebbony Turner and I completed (last Friday) your level 3 cleanse!

I absolutely loved it! I had never cleansed before so felt it was a little bit of a risk going straight into the Level 3 but wouldn't have it any other way. Day one was incredibly tough and I felt nauseous, starving, had a thumping headache and slept for 1/2 the day. When I woke up on day 2 my energy was back my mind was clear and I felt fantastic and day 3 was even better. My eyes are so bright my skin is fantastic and my stomach was as flat as a tac but most importantly I feel healthy from the inside!

I miss my morning energise juice so much it was my absolute favourite juice of the day and would buy it every day if I could!

Thank you for a fantastic experience I have recommended you to so many people and can't wait to do my next cleanse!

Thank you again SOL you are incredible!"


Krystal Sayer

"I've done three juice cleanses with Sol Cleanse in the last year and absolutely LOVED each one. Whilst my diet is very clean already, the cleanses give my digestion a break and leave me feeling rejuvenated and clearer - in mind and body. What I really love about Sol Cleanse is their sustainability - they support local farmers, use glass jars that are re-useable (I keep cooking ingredients in mine), and use recycled paper for their packaging. Not to mention that their juices are organic, cold pressed, and taste AMAZING! I wholeheartedly recommend Sol Cleanse to my friends, family, and clients."

Krystal Sayer ~ Naturopath. Nutritionist. Personal Trainer. Health Coach.



Jennifer-Marie McMahon

"My name is Jennifer-Marie McMahon and I am very proud to say I have successfully completed the 5 day Organic Cold Pressed Sol Cleanse. I was a little apprehensive about doing a juice cleanse simply for the fact that you do not eat any food at all however I was pleasantly surprised that I was not at all hungry on this cleanse. It was one of the best cleanses I have ever done actually. I not only feel cleansed, energised & focused my skin is glowing and on top of all of this I have lost a total of 4.1kg. So happy with my results and will definitely recommend this cleanse to my friends and family"


Linda Williams 

I enjoyed receiving the Sol Cleanse, the packaging and presentation is just gorgeous. It was a pleasure to use. I am a seasoned cleanser and do it a few times a year, but I usually make them myself, and usually for longer that 5 days ( around 3 weeks at a time) but as a busy business owner, I LOVE the convenience of having the juice delivered.



Tara Bliss

Every time I do a Sol Cleanse, I feel a million bucks afterwards. Clearer, lighter, as though the fog has lifted. It was just the re-boot I needed after what has been a very busy, very creative time over the last few months. I needed to give my body a rest and a chance to 'catch up' with me, and this cleanse certainly did that. So very grateful for these girls and the awesome service they provide, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone!

Such Different Skies


Cassie-Jo Coates

Oh What A Journey ...

So Christmas New Year time is such a killer as in throw in break up and moving arghh I felt so drained, unbalanced mentally and physically, full, heavy, no energy just really really unhealthy it’s not a good feeling at all, I knew I had to do something before I got sick and run down.
I saw the Sol Cleanse online with so many positive amazing testimonials so I instantly was like I need to get on that.
It was the hardest 3 days especially working in hospitality, but I got through it and it was such gift it turned my mindset right around and balanced everything I felt so refreshed and amazing I was back on track and haven’t looked back :)

Thank you so much Sol cleanse worth every penny


Simone Kelly 

I absolutely love doing your juice cleanse very few months and can highly recommend the 3 day Level 3 Cleanse. Myself and my clients at Get Raw Bootcamps Gold Coast also love and can highly recommend your juice cleanses!
As a fitness professional, personal trainer, fitness instructor, business owner and mother of three it is fantastic to enjoy the “time off” preparing my own foods when I am on juice cleanse it’s like a holiday where I just pack and lunchbag esky and add my juices that I will need.
When juicing I feel it grounds me and brings me back in tune with the Earth and i do not get any negative side effects from The Sol Cleanse juices which are just beautiful and so yummy!
I love the Sol Cleanse variety of the juices and get so excited with the outstanding service, presentation and quality every time I juice!
Thank you Sol CLeanse on behalf of myself and Get Raw Bootcamps Crew who simply love your juice!



Anja Lahey

Hello beautiful ladies :)

Thank you so so much for the Cleanse. I absolutely loved it! I was looking forward to every juice, they are super yummy! I found it surprisingly easy and enjoyable and will definitely be back for another cleanse in 2015.

Thanks again 



Rebecca Thomson

I recently completed your beautiful 3 day cleanse and I am amazed at the changes my mind and body went through! My skin cleared up, my hair became softer, I felt brighter, literally lighter and my cravings have disappeared!

I thought once the cleanse was over I would be desperate to indulge but instead I had no desire to eat take away food or even have that habitual glass of wine! I feel so revived and am now naturally more mindful of the foods I put into my body.

Your cleanse has literally amazed me, reset my body and effortlessly set me up to make the changes in all areas of my life I had been trying so hard to make previously. It has truly been a mind, body and spirit cleanse!

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service, fresh, yummy juices (kept fresh in glass jars and loved the straws) and for the life change. I will be recommending Sol Cleanse to everyone!!!

Thanks again and sending much love your way,

Rebecca xxo


Tara Bliss

I’ve just finished a three day winter Sol Juice Cleanse (which was amazing). What sets it apart from other cleanses, is that it caters to this cooler weather, with the inclusion of two servings of lentils per day, to be warmed on the stove top, and fruit and veggie juice made from seasonal produce only.

Every time I do a Sol Cleanse, I feel a million bucks afterwards. Clearer, lighter, as though the fog has lifted. It was just the re-boot I needed after what has been a very busy, very creative time over the last few months. I needed to give my body a rest and a chance to 'catch up' with me, and this cleanse certainly did that. So very grateful for these girls and the awesome service they provide, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone!

Tara Bliss // Such Different Skies 

Livia Tramontina
Hello ladies,
What a wonderful journey this has been!
Didn't consider myself a caffeine addict until the end of day 1, when all the withdrawal symptoms showed up and I went to bed with a throbbing headache and a blocked nose, shivering and feeling I could throw up any minute!

I was extremely surprised when the next day I woke up feeling wonderful and in great mood! Never felt hungry until day 3, when I started craving red meat. Had a berry and almond milk smoothie this morning, plenty of water and tea, and will have salad and poached eggs for lunch to see whether I can curb my cravings!

Although I am not sure I can resist to temptations tonight as I go out with friends, I am very thankful for this experience as I have learnt so much about my body! This consciousness will never leave me again, and I have promised myself to listen to my body a bit more every day and to do a one-day cleanse every month or so.

Thanks again!

Cassandra Juillerat

I Absolutely loved the cleanse!!  I feel amazing and feel this was the kick start I needed for a healthier lifestyle.  It has made me realise that I was eating a lot of food that my body doesn't need and I am now more cautious of what I put in to my body.  Not only that but I appreciate everything I eat now so much more and don't feel I need to over eat.  I will definitely do another cleanse, In fact I am hoping to do them on a more regular basis as I just cannot believe the difference it has made.  Thank you Sol Cleanse !!!

Karen Frost
Completed the 3 day step 2 cleanse and had great results. Lost 3kg of fluid retention. No more puffy face and spongy belly/ thighs. Jeans slide on and I'm motivated to eat healthier and cut out foods that make me 'puff up'. My favourite juice was the 'Peace' meal . Macca powder, cashews and dates... Was like having a desert. Yum & thanks Sol Cleanse!!

Mia Goding

My husband Nick and I just finished a level 1 - 3 day cleanse and we're feeling pretty damn good!!! Both for stepping up to the challenge and having the willpower to stick it out even when it was feeling tough; because our bodies were able to take a rest from digestion and eliminate some of the toxic build up we're feeling lighter and brighter; and also because the package you guys offer is well thought out, created with love and knowledge and is so supportive that Im feeling nurtured from all angles!  It really is a holistic cleanse... a beautiful body, mind and soul cleanse!
Thank you both so much,
Mia & Nick Goding

Alicia Terry

Dear Sol Cleanse,

Sol Cleanse was fantastic as it was so convenient and easy to stick to. My favourite juice was Joy, so refreshing! I actually did your five day level 1 whilst I was on holidays seeing all my friends in Brisbane as I have moved to Townsville (a location you don't courier to yet) and really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again. The option to change your second delivery address was excellent and therefore my detox wasn't interrupted by plans. I definitely recommend your cleanse to friends.

Warm regards,
Alicia Terry


Kelly McCreanor

The cleanse has been amazing so far and I'm surprised at the lack of hunger pangs and everyone has complemented me on my skin :)
Will definitely recommend to friends and will be sure to do another one in the future
Kelly xx
Eleni Demetriou
I absolutely loved the cleansed! Didn't have many headaches at all. Think I could do two more days next time! Not sure if I could do level 3. Will order again for my next holiday break and before my wedding in July!
Many thanks!
Danielle Stevenson
So I did it! I completed 3 whole days of juicing. Firstly I feel so proud that I did that and because of your detox juices I feel really really well and surprisingly I'm totally not craving all the things I should, I'm actually re-assessing what I thought I was going to eat because I don't want to muck my insides up!
The first day for me was so tough, I was tired, hungry but not near as hungry as I thought, cranky, short tempered and sent myself off to bed at around 8pm so I didn't engulf the fridge and cupboard!
Day two I woke a little cranky but still refreshed and hardly hungry at all throughout the day, I was content and satisfied. I still dreamt of my what I was going to eat come Friday but happy enough to wait it out.
Day three, well I woke up not hungry, looking forward to finishing the day, and inside I felt wonderful! 
So Thankyou for making my first juice detox fabulous and exciting!
I'm in love with the 'Love' juice that's my fave!
Thankyou ladies so much

Alana Helbig

Hi Miriam and Allie, 
Thank you so much for the wonderful juices. I really enjoyed my cleanse. It made me feel fabulous :).
I decided to write a little bit about my experience with the cleanse on my blog if you're interested in hearing my thoughts.

Thanks again, 



kaila Carroso

Although it wasn't at all easy doing my first cleanse - SOL's perfectly packaged and delicious juice cleanse made it easier to pull through. Having everything organised for me and not to mention the high spirited motivational emails along the way kept me going each day. I'm excited to try the 5 day cleanse next and can't recommend SOL enough for anyone else interested in this cleanse.


Amelia Ricci

Thank you for the cleanse - I did it yesterday and absolutely loved it! Great product. Love & Light. Amelia x o


Belinda Hokins

Thank you to the beautiful ladies for the 5 days of cleansing I've just finished! A few tough days & a lot of self control (not perfect but very close) and I feel fantastic. After having a run of bugs this year I needed a pick me up & a spring clean and this has really boosted my body & soul. So much gratitude xx


Karin Von Behrens

"Having already experienced a three day cleanse I can't recommend this highly enough. The juices were delicious and I didn't feel like I was starving myself at all. On the contrary I felt light, I had energy in my limbs (this is rare), I wasn't struggling to get out of bed and I lost a little bit of weight. I'm ready to do a mini one again. The best part was I didn't have to shop or cook for three days!!! This all sounds like a very cheesy sales pitch but I assure you it's quite genuine." 


Magdalena Sujeki

The Sol juice cleanse was my first detox, and I have never felt more amazing and in control of what I eat. It has allowed me to take time out and really listen to my body and what it does and does not need. I use to reach for caffeine and sugary foods to get me through an exhausting day at work. After the cleanse I now do not crave any sugar or caffeine and always opt for a healthy option e.g. juice or a herbal tea. I have lost a couple of kilos and have endless amounts of energy and zest for life. I feel so great and confident, and this feeling is radiating and therefore attracting more wonderful things in my life. AMAZING!


Eve Mitchell

Loved it, thank you Sol Cleanse! :)  This was my first cleansing experience and I have to admit I was a little unsure if I could even do it, but the juices, nut milk and dahl were all so yummy and filling that I actually really enjoyed it!  I was so impressed with the quality of the products and it took me be surprise, but I didnt feel hungry at all throughout the day.  Rather than feeling like I was missing a usual meal or snack, found that i was looking forward to trying out the next delicious product. Thanks again, look forward to the next one :) Evie xx


Amy Farrow

My Sol Cleanse was a wonderful experience. The support I received from the girls was so encouraging and beautiful, pushing me to grow physical, mentally & spiritually. The juices were all delicious I miss them already! This is definitely something I will do on a regular basis. Thank you so much for a wonderful and challenging experience. Your juices were delicious! You have made me feel like I can do anything!


Abbie Waddick

This was my first time doing a detox and i did not know what to expect. i have heard that they can be a challenge which soon i discovered. the biggest challenge for me was the mental challenge of  not being able to eat what i wanted and being confused if i was really hungry or just craving the thought of food. after completing my detox i felt a sense of euphoria within myself it was if my insides had come alive again. this was an amazing experience and i would not think twice about doing it again.


Mekarla Jones

Thank you for supplying such an amazing product.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day cleanse and it gave me back my spark that i have been missing for around a month now. It was definitely easier than i expected and majority of the juices were amazing. 

The service was amazing and the fact that everything was delivered directly to me and the daily inspirational emails are a great touch to keep you motivated to just keep pushing through. 

Thanks again for the wonderful service and helping me get back my bounce, and im looking forward to me quarterly cleanse in the future. 


Danielle Clayton

Thankyou so much for the cleanse, it was enough of a challenge for me to enjoy, get over my mid-cleanse hump day and reap the benefits of feeling lighter. I do enjoy the act of eating but post-cleanse I am finding all I want to eat is vegetables and drink juices! Everything else feels heavy and I`ve realised how much of a crutch and habit coffee and sugar is/was for me!


Kylie Taylor

Hi Sol Cleanse,
Have just finished my 3 day cleanse and I feel AMAZING!!!!
So proud of myself I didn't stray once :)
I feel light, fresh, balanced, focused and clear minded.
Loved all the juices but my favourite was the cleanser and the
Dahl was so tasty.
Looking forward to my next cleanse with you guys


Annika Craven

Thank you so much for the whole experience of the Sol Cleanse! It was the perfect way for me to snap out of some of my recent bad habits and get back to taking care of myself. It was easier than I thought it would be. The cleanse made me feel lighter, my skin is glowing, my mind is clearer and I have a whole new outlook on respecting and listening to my body (plus I lost 2 kilos which was unexpected for me!). I loved the challenge and will definitely do one again in the future. 

It was easy to do and you guys delivering the juices and sending out daily inspiration only helped the process


Rachel MacDonald

From Friday to Sunday last week I embarked on 3-day Sol Cleanse juice cleanse… and guess what? It was delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed it. (yep, I did just say ‘cleanse’ ‘delicious’ and ‘enjoyed’).

I’ve done a bunch of cleanses before and the juices on this one tasted the best by a country mile. I love green juices anyway but the green juice on this cleanse actually tasted like a banana smoothie (yum) and the lemon and cayenne pepper was an awesome digestion kickstarter. I can’t fault any of the juices in fact, and normally there’s one or two in the bunch that make you go hrmmmm (or more accurately, ‘ugh’).

While I got all the usual benefits from cleansing my body for a few days – better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin and brighter eyes – the biggest bonus for me was the clarity. At the same time as I was cleansing, I was undertaking a “Power Weekend” where I was churning through a massive stack of work, and not only did I have the energy to do super long days on the computer, but it paved the way for a plethora of creative ideas to bubble up from the recesses of my mind. Win, win, win.

- See more at: http://inspacesbetween.com/making-me-happy/making-me-happy-69/#sthash.82zvPDWj.dpuf


Lori Jai Harding – eighttenten



Paris Lucas – You and Me Boutique   http://www.youandmeboutique.com.au/

After the cleanse I felt amazing! My mind felt so clear and I was lighter. I don't own scales so I'm not sure about weight loss but I just felt better. During the 3 days I keep dreaming out all the delicious food I would eat on friday when i finished. Once friday rolled around I didn't want food. I was totally over cravings or hunger. I ended up having a smoothie and a small salad at dinnertime. It's very funny Abby and I have been texting and saying we wish we were still on the cleanse! I would definatley do it again. I felt very positive and powerful during the 3 days. Alot people I spoke to to were very dramatic about it "I would DIE without food for 3 days' 'You will starve! You are crazy!" But I didn't die, nor starve... 6 yummy juices a day for 3 days can be done. It's not your tummy that needs controlling it's your mind.


Chloe Waugh www.bonniebazaar.com

I am feeling great & have lots of energy!

Thank you so much for such a yummy, challenging process. Each day got easier & believe it or not I am now wishing I did the five day cleanse. Next time I will be doing that for sure. 

Just sipping on a fresh juice I made now in fact, haven’t decided yet what to eat first. 

Will definitely be spreading the word around and I have a girlfriend who does her first one next week who is also excited. 

Apart from the headaches on the first day the second day was OK with less hunger/cravings/headaches and the third day I cleaned my office, finished work then cleaned the house- where did all that energy come from?! 


Lauren Becks

I absolutely loved the sol cleanse, it was amazing!
I felt so good, I felt lighter, more energized and really felt in touch with myself..
The juices were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed the nut milk and dahl.
My favorite was the kale juice and nut milk!
I love everything you have created and shared with everyone
I have highly recommended it and can't wait for my next cleanse.


Candace James

Thank you so much for making me feel a million dollars! My boyfriend Ash and I did the cleanse together and haven’t felt this good in years. Ash said it’s the best he has ever felt in 36 years. I would recommend Sol Cleanse to anybody, male or female, wanting to change their outlook towards a healthier lifestyle. I feel lighter, I have more energy, and I feel like I can take on the world. Thanks so much, Candace


Pauline Steel

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the cleanse. This was the first time I have done a cleanse & found it easier than I expected. The juices were all very tasty & stayed nice & fresh till the 3rd day. The dahl was really yummy & looked forward to it all day (I kept it for my dinner). I lost 1.2kg over the 3 days which I was very pleased about. It has really put me back on track with my healthy eating plan so thank you all very much. Pauline