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There are many reasons why people choose to cleanse:

  • To love and nurture yourself
  • Because you’re feeling a bit “blah” and know you can feel amazing
  • Preparing for a special event that you want to look radiant for
  • Helping your body recover from too many special events!
  • To break bad habits and reestablish health-giving habits
  • To take the time to connect with yourself on a deeper level
  • Because you’re listening to the body and it’s asking you to!
  • For health reasons (although we recommend that if you have a medical condition you consult with your health practitioner)

On some level, most people will do a cleanse because they realise that through avoidable and unavoidable lifestyle factors their bodies have built up toxins that they want to be free of.

Our bodies are fabulous machines, but like our cars, sometimes they need an extra bit of love and attention. We have wonderful processes within our body to constantly cleanse and remove toxins, to maintain a level of balance and vibrant health… but what happens when we get out of balance, and put in more toxins than your fabulous body is able to cope with?

When your body is creating or taking in more toxins than it can eliminate it starts storing them in your cells and fat tissues (think cellulite!), to keep them out of the way of your vital bodily functions. The more toxins you take in, the more they store up and if you don’t take the time to clear them out now and again your body stops functioning as well and can end up in a toxic state.

You, like most people in the modern world, may be familiar with some of the ways this can make you feel… tired, grumpy, low energy, unmotivated, bad skin, unhealthy hair, dull eyes, and just feeling a bit “blah”… sound familiar? Being in a constant toxic state can also contribute to more serious health problems such as cancer, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver dysfunction, autoimmune illness, hormonal imbalances, and skin conditions.

Your body is constantly exposed to toxins. Some of these toxins are created by normal and necessary metabolic processes within your body that creates waste as part of the manufacturing process. These are known as metabolic or endogenous toxins. The other toxins that we are exposed to are environmental or exogenous toxins, so toxins that came from outside our body. These include pollution and other chemicals in the air that we don’t have that much control over (unless we move to a pristine part of the country), and it also includes food, water and skin/beauty/health products that we certainly do have control over.

Your body is designed to constantly cleanse and remove toxins out of your body. Most toxins are broken down in your liver then eliminated via your kidneys, colon, skin, lungs, and mucus linings in your nose and ears, so basically every time you pee, poop, get a pimple, sweat,  blow your nose or on a more pleasant note, breathe. During a period of cleansing, because your body is not expending energy on digestion, more energy is given to these detoxification and repair processes to get your body ship shape and back in balance.

Why Juice Cleanse?

There are many different ways to cleanse your body, and cleansing traditions have been used throughout history and throughout many different cultures around the world. The cleanse we would like to share with you is a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are a powerful way to cleanse whilst still providing your body with a bountiful supply of nutrients to nourish your cells.

Here are some of the reasons why juice cleanses are so powerful:

  1. Having a liquid diet for a period of time allows your digestive system to rest. This means that your body can spend its energy on restoring and repairing, rather than digesting.
  2. Fruit and vegetables are full of health giving nutrients. When you juice fruit and vegetables you are separating the liquid (nutrient dense) portion of the fruit from the fibre, creating a “live” nutritional elixir that is easy for your body to rapidly assimilate.  This floods the cells and tissues with vital nutrients and enzymes, eliminating the need for hours of digestion before your body can gain access to the nutrients and enzymes from food.
  3.  Juicing allows you to consume a large amount and wide variety of fruit and vegetables easily, to make sure you are receiving the nutrients and enzymes that you require. Different fruits and vegetables have different nutritional benefits, so consuming a wide variety of produce will allow for the full spectrum of nutrition.
  4.  Juice cleanses provide an opportunity for detoxification, whilst also flooding the body with an abundance of nutrients. This means that (whilst it is preferable to take time out to relax), if necessary, people can still continue with their daily activities. 


Congratulations for taking the step ... all that may have sounded a bit heavy and serious, but we feel that it is important that you understand the cleanse process, so in those “why the heck am I doing this?!?” moments you will have something to return to…

But how about returning to this thought…

“Because I love myself and live the life I love!”
              (until I’m 150 because I’m so ridiculously healthy and vibrant!)