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Honour your seasonal ritual and now cleanse mind, body and soul year round with a Winter Warmer Cleanse

This specially designed cleanse uses seasonally appropriate warming and healing tonics to help rid yourself of toxins, while deeply nourishing.

Boost your immunity, keep your inner fire (digestion) strong, and nourish your body to keep you healthy and happy all winter long!





6 x delicious organic elixirs per day 


WISDOM (dahl)

Lentils, Ayurvedic Spices, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water

Pure nourishment in a jar. This blend of organic lentils and ayurvedic spices provides you with a plethora of nutrients, particularly to support your digestive and immune system, keeping you balanced and vital. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan). 

PRANA (vegan broth)

Filtered Water, Onions, Garlic, Carrot, Celery, Kale, Coconut Oil, himalayan Salt, Sea Vegetables

This satisfying blend will bring warmth into your day. The sea vegetables will bring you a bounty of necessary minerals which are lacking in most western diets. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan). 


Lemon, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper, Filtered Water

This spicy elixir will give your system an instant burst of heat, giving your metabolism a kickstart to get detoxing and shredding fat. For the cooler mornings, if desired, you can gently heat this elixir or add a splash of boiling water. 


Beetroot, Carrot, Ginger, Apple

A classic cleanser, this elixir cleanses the liver, digestive system and blood - helping eliminate toxins. The grounding root vegetables are perect for the season, and ginger helps boost circulation and is warming to keep you toasty for winter.  


Orange, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Tumeric

This is a tonic you really want to be drinking in winter - a super supporter of your immune system, this warming elixir will keep you in vibrant health.

PEACE (Spiced Nutmilk)

Cashews, Dates, Maca, Cinnamon, Ginger, Tumeric, Cardamon

A new favourite in the Sol Cleanse kitchen, this balancing nut milk is like a warm hug for your insides. Have it warmed or cool to help you feel relaxed and peaceful. 





+ A reusable metal straw and brush set

+ Our signature organic herbal Be Light detox tea to support your cleanse journey

A metal tea strainer

+ Psyllium husks to support your cleansing process

+ Probiotics for a happy tummy

+ Daily emails with inspiration and advice

+ Pre and Post Cleanse advice to help you get the most out of your cleanse

+ Unlimited email support from the Sol Cleanse team



A complimentary 14 day TeaTox pack of Be Light Tea  - VALUED AT $19




1. Choose your level

2. Choose how many days

3. Select your start date








For more see our Testimonials Here

Great kick start before summer! 

Product: Winter Warmer Cleanse 3 Day 
Posted By: rhea

I wanted to kick my sugar cravings and beat the bloat, the winter warmer cleanse helped me get there! 
I usually crave sugar constantly through the day, having up to 4 "treats" per day...it was getting out of control! 
After the cleanse I felt a stronger will power against sugary treats and My only cravings now ar for nourishing, healthy food! 
This cleanse was very nourishing and filling too, I didn't even finish one of the nut milks and a broth because I was too full on the third day! 


fresh nourishing and enjoyable juice detox 

Product: Winter Warmer Cleanse 3 Day 
Posted By: info@auscoz.com.au

I thought the quality of the products were really good and fresh. 
The broth and Dahl were a little salty but delicious. 
I liked the simplicity of this nourishing cleanse. 
I did miss food but I wasn't hungry and it was exactly what my body needed. I think it will be an annual event for me.


best cleanse ive ever done and the most delicious 

Product: Winter Warmer Cleanse 5 Day 
Posted By: taliah

I've done many juice cleanses in my days and have struggled following through . Sol Cleanse was so easy as the juices , broth and liquids were so tasty and there was plenty of choice and plenty of the actual product ! Would do it again in a heartbeat . Feeling amazing . The delivery , service and the way it's all put together is outstanding . 


loved it ! Super Easy and would highley reccomend! 

Product: Winter Warmer Cleanse 3 Day 
Posted By: jo
I LOVE my wine nightly and generally over eat at night time so was nervous to go 3 days with no wine mainly ! But , it was easy, I didint get through all the juices everyday there is a lot ! I especially loved to Dahl and Nutmilk which were so filling. After the 3 days I was slightly disappointed to had only last .5 kgs BUT since doing the cleanse I have not gone back to my old way! I'm so much healthier and within a week have lost 2.5 kgs !! It has absolutely kick started a new me !